A Formal Model for Service Interaction Topologies

Y. Zhao, D. Ma, M. Liu, and C. Hu (PRC)


service interaction,formal model,interaction topology


In a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), a system con sists of a collection of independent units (services) and in teractions among them through message exchanges. Mod eling of service interaction and interaction topology is key aspect in the development of next generation web services based software systems. In this paper, we propose a for mal model for service interaction topologies named Coor dination Behavioral Structure(CBS) which is composed of relationships between service interactions. Six kinds of re lationships between interactions are presented to define the behavioral dependency among services. CBS graph which is the visual description of interaction topologies is pro posed with extended compositors of relationships. For il lustrating CBS model, two examples, purchase order and scientific collaboration are presented.

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