Proposal of Cryptography-SLA and its Application Against the Compromise Risk of Cryptosystems

A. Inomata, G.H. Ramirez Caceres, Y. Teshigawara, T. Okamoto, and E. Okamoto (Japan)


Cryptography-SLA (Crypto-SLA), Compromise risk of cryptography, Cryptography vulnerability, Cryptography risk, Cryptanalysis


Cryptography is one of the main techniques that is used for ensuring the safety of communications in most systems. The strength of a cryptographic algorithm depends on the difficulty of cryptanalysis; however, the risk of such algorithms being compromised is gradually increasing due to groundbreaking developments in cryptanalysis and improvements in the computational power and environment. Nowadays, the safety and security of communications has attracted increasing attention in society. Moreover, SLA (Service Level Agreement) has been provided to compensate for the damage caused when the communication service of a telecommunication carrier or Internet Service Provider (ISP) is suspended or delayed their services. So, we apply SLA to a decision-making and understanding in some communications for cryptosystems. In this paper, we propose the use of Cryptography SLA (Crypto-SLA) with the aim of achieving a compromise between the service provider and the concerned users of cryptosystems.

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