The Institutional Aspect of the Responsibility Distribution in the IT Enterprise

D. Dymek (Poland)


IT strategy, risk management


Large scale of the financial and the organizational efforts spent on IT based systems and their strategic role force us to pay more attention to their business effectiveness. Each of the IT enterprises should be business goal driven. The problem is that generally the IT enterprise is identified with the IT project which is only one of IT enterprise phases. As a consequence we often are focused on the project goals which sometimes can differ from the business ones. So the achievement of project goals does not always mean the business goals achievement. In this paper we present a brief analyze of different kind of goals and associated with them risk factors. Based on this analyze we consider the problem of the responsibility distribution between different institution. To resolve this problem we propose to create the new institution in the organizational structure: the IT Supervisor Office (ITSO) which will monitor all IT associated activities

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