A Study on Infrared Reflectography for Underdrawing Detection using a Digital Camera

S. Youn, Y. Kim, J. Lee, and D. Har (Korea)


infrared reflectography, underdrawing, detection, high resolution, Youn Du Seo self-portrait


The infrared reflectography confirms underdrawing to penetrating the pictorial layer. This technique is a non destructive method used for the analysis of art works. Draft detecting equipments usually call infrared detector. It is efficient for underdrawing detection, but also has defects such as low-resolution, expensiveness, dealing and handling problems. In this study, we use the general digital camera and analyze the detection of underdrawing in paintings. Comparing to infrared detector, it has high resolution images, cutting the expenses with some option exchanges, and easy to dealing with. In conclusion, we suggest that this digital camera system is a new method of underdrawing detection.

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