A Framework for Advanced Data Processing in a Multi-Hop Network Environment

A. Matsui, K. Kamisaka, S. Yamaguchi, and M. Oguchi (Japan)


MANETs, multi-hop network, distributed mobile DB, mid dleware, TCP, Congestion Window


A framework for advanced data processing in a multi-hop network is proposed and implemented in this paper. In the case of a distributed mobile DB, SQL queries are is sued to multiple relational tables held by mobile nodes in MANET. Instead of collecting these tables through multi hop network and executing the queries after collection, a part of data processing is executed at a relay node during the multi-hop data transmission, i.e., executing the SQL queries issued on the dispersed relational tables. In this paper, basic characteristics of a multi-hop environment are examined. A part of middleware is implemented for the ex ecution of advanced function in the relay node. According to the experimental result on the middleware, the proposed framework works well in a multi-hop environment.

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