Efficient Transmission of Rendering-Related Data using the NIProxy

M. Wijnants, T. Jehaes, P. Quax, and W. Lamotte (Belgium)


Multimedia communication systems, NIProxy, client band width management, QoE optimization, rendering-related data transmission


Despite the emergence of broadband Internet connections, client downstream bandwidth remains a scarce resource and should hence be managed judiciously. Based on this observation, we have previously introduced the NIProxy, a network intermediary supporting automatic client band width management. However, the results presented in our previous work were generated using “artificial” test appli cations whose bandwidth management requirements could be satisfied using relatively straightforward strategies. In this paper, we evaluate the NIProxy’s suitableness to man age client downstream bandwidth in a realistic, more com plex networked application. The considered application supports real-time audiovisual user communication and in addition employs an advanced rendering scheme which imposes a number of specific requirements regarding the distribution of rendering-related data to clients. Through the presentation of representative experimental results, we demonstrate that the NIProxy is not only capable of ful filling these requirements but also effectively improves the Quality of Experience (QoE) provided to users of the con sidered application.

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