Presentation of Service Model for Instant Messaging Services based on IMS Network

K. Bamasian, A.H. Darvishan, M. Khoshbakhtian, and F. Sarabchi (Iran)


Instant Messaging, Presence, IMS, SIP, Interoperability.


Today’s technology has provided the proper infrastructure for having speedy online connection in many operations such as sending all type of data (text, voice and video files). Many suppliers such as Yahoo, MSN and etc. use Instant Messaging Service for connecting many people in all over the world. These service providers use their specified protocol in their own architecture for presenting IM service. Using different architecture in presenting a unique service causes a disintegrated way of service providing. Because of this disintegration the subscribers of different suppliers have some problems in connecting to each other. In this paper, these problems are considered from user’s point of view and service provider’s point of view. Also the necessity of convergence among service providers in following a unique platform in providing IM service is discussed. Finally a unique model for providing IM service in an integrated network such as IMS is proposed.

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