An Interactive 3D Mobile City Guide Supporting User Driven Content Creation

T. Jehaes, J. Dierckx, P. Quax, W. Lamotte, and G. Jans (Belgium)


Mobile Multimedia, Entertainment , City Guide, User Evaluation


With the uptake of mobile navigation systems, increased capabilities for mobile devices and city wide communica tion networks, new applications are being devised making beneficial use of these technological advances. One such application is the 3D mobile city guide presented in this paper. The main goal of this work is to support user-driven content creation as well as enhance the social interactions between mobile users. Furthermore, we will present a 3D interface for navigating through the targeted city and inter acting with the information that has been created by other users. Image data captured by the users themselves will be used to render a 3D view of the city. In order to test the ideas presented, we have performed a user evaluation of the application in the target city of which the results will be discussed.

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