Flexible Multi-Dimensional Indexing Server for Searching Non-Textual Diagnostic Annotations

T. Xia, F. Wang, P. Liu, and S. Palanivelu (USA)


Multidimensional Indexing, Indexing Server, Non Textual Annotation, and 3D Graphical Model


In many industrial applications, non-textual annotations are used on top of the raw images to provide diagnostic information on regions of interest, diseases, defects, evaluations, comments, and etc. These applications pose several challenges: (a) network latency of large data transfer (b) content-based queries to 3D graphical annotations, and (c) synchronization of local image data and annotations with a remote central database. These non-traditional database management requirements are limitedly supported in commercial DBMS. In our work, we develop a distributed multidimensional data management system that achieves these goals. The system is now used to support image-based inspection and diagnosis applications such as global part inspection and knowledge database guided medical diagnosis

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