Personalization and User Profile Standardization

T. Kovacikova, F. Petersen, M. Pluke, V. Alonso Alvarez, G. Bartolomeo, A. Frisiello, E. Zetterstrm, and S. Cadzow (France)


User profile, personalization, standardization, NGN (Next Generation Network)


Industry and end users interest in personalization of services and devices continues to increase. Many products and services already contain settings and preferences that are specific to that product and unrelated to any other. This paper presents a wider view of personalization and user profiles, making the preferences available to a range of services and devices. Behind every instance of personalization is a profile that stores the user preferences, context of use and other information that can be used to deliver a user experience tailored to the individual users’ needs and preferences. In addition, the concept also supports the fact that users’ needs depend on the context and current situation, e.g. “At home”, “In a Meeting”, “In the Car”. In order for a range of services and devices to make use of the user preferences, there is a need for standardization of the preferences and the architecture that enables their use. The focus of this paper is on the architecture work within the standardization activities in the personalization and user profile management area, performed at European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) by the Specialist Task Force (STF) 342 [1]. The ETSI projects on personalization and user profiles are co-funded by EC/EFTA.

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