Communication Systems and Networks    (CSN 2008)

September 1 – 3, 2008
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Editor(s): C. P. Salvador
126 pages
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Track Networking FreeSubscription
629-034 Comparison of Turn Prohibition Algorithms for Deadlock Prevention in Interconnection Networks
Z. El Jamous, L.B. Levitin, and M. Mustafa (USA)
629-039 A Delay Bound and Speedup Guarantees for Scheduling in Input-Queued and Combined-Input-Output-Queued Switches
S.Kh. Al-Harthi (Saudi Arabia)
629-043 Personalization and User Profile Standardization
T. Kovacikova, F. Petersen, M. Pluke, V. Alonso Alvarez, G. Bartolomeo, A. Frisiello, E. Zetterstrm, and S. Cadzow (France)
629-055 Congestion Control by Restricted Flow Admission in a Multi Class Network
P. Bhattacharjee and G. Sanyal (India)
Track Sensor Networks FreeSubscription
629-047 RBP, Resilience and Traffic Balance Protocol in VPLS Access Network
J.M. Arco, J.A. Carral, A. Garca, and G. Ibaez (Spain)
629-056 Cluster Partitioning in Logic-Organized Wireless Sensor/Actor Network
S.F. Pileggi, C.E. Palau, and M. Esteve (Spain)
629-068 Hierarchical Low Power Consumption Technique with Location Information for Sensor Networks
S. Matsumae (Japan)
Track Multimedia Networking FreeSubscription
629-036 Structured Management of an Unstructured Network: A Reliable and Self-Organized P2P Solution
J.P. Muoz-Gea, J. Malgosa-Sanahuja, P. Manzanares-Lopez, and J.C. Sanchez-Aarnoutse (Spain)
629-053 Tree Transmission Protocol for Feedback Distribution in IPTV Systems
D. Komosny, R. Burget, and V. Novotny (Czech Republic)
629-070 Algorithms for Placement of Storage Components and Videos in Distributed Multimedia Servers
T. Szkaliczki (Hungary), P. Krpti (Norway), and L. Bszrmnyi (Austria)
Track Wireless Communications FreeSubscription
629-014 Localized Indoor Visual Asset or Person Tracking System using Ultrasound and Radio Frequency Signals
J. Vial, P. Vial, and M. Ros (Australia)
629-032 RSSI Gradient: New Predictor and Filter to Support Sporadic Wireless Service Interruptions
K.A. Elbatsh, E. Macas Lpez, and A. Surez Sarmiento (Spain)
629-041 Fixed Point Approximation for TCP Behavior in Routers Implementing WFQ Scheduling Mechanisms
L.H. Teixeira, E.C.G. Wille, and W. Godoy, Jr. (Brazil)
629-048 Implementation Analysis of SVD for Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in MIMO Systems
C. Benavente-Peces (Spain), A. Ahrens (Germany), L. Arriero-Encinas (Spain), and C. Lange (Germany)
629-066 A Fast Decoding Algorithm for Convolutional Codes based on the Finite State Machine Representation
A. El Bourichi, H. Yasuura, and A. Matsuzawa (Japan)
Track Communications Techniques FreeSubscription
629-017 Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in SVD- and GMD-Assisted MIMO Systems
A. Ahrens, C. Lange (Germany), and C. Benavente-Peces (Spain)
629-027 Impact of Modal Dispersion on the Parallel Interference Cancellation in DS-CDMA Optical Networks
A. Okassa-Mfoubat, I. Dayoub, and J.M. Rouvean (France)
629-050 Linear IIR Precoding to Shorten the Cyclic Prefix in Wireline Multitone Systems
F.J. Simois and J.I. Acha (Spain)
629-062 Performance of Multi-Carrier QPSK Signalling for a Non-Linear Satellite Link
H.A. Mansour (France), A. Albagul, and A. Diyah (Libya)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
629-042 Improving the IEEE802.15.4 Re-Association Process in Mobile Sensor Networks
K. Zen and D. Habibi (Australia)
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This conference will comprise the following 4 Symposia: SYMPOSIUM 1: Telecommunications Technology * Coding and Modulation Techniques * CDMA Systems * RF Engineering * OFDM Technology * Spread Spectrum Techniques * Communication Protocols * Digital Integrated Services (ISDN) * Channel Measurement and Characterization * Equalization * Modeling and Simulation * Software Applications * Intelligent Interfaces * Augmented Reality * Intelligent Ambience.; SYMPOSIUM 2: Wireless Networks * Wireless IP Networks * Wireless LAN * Wireless Personal Communication Systems * Mobile Computing * Broadband Mobile Communication Systems * Multimedia over Wireless * Wireless Networks Standards and Protocols * Inter-Working of 2G, 3G, and 4G Wireless Networks * Cellular Technology * Mobile Internet * m-Commerce * Network Modelling and Simulation * Sensor Networks * Ad-Hoc Networks * Multimode Terminals * Always Best Connected Systems.; SYMPOSIUM 3: Optical Communication Systems * Fiber Optic Communication * Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET) * IP and ATM over Optical Networks * Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) * Light Sources (Lasers and LEDs) * Transmitters and Receivers * Optical Couplers * High-Speed Internet * Applications * TCP/IP Systems * Network Management; and SYMPOSIUM 4: Networking * IPv6 * Content Distribution Networks * P2P Systems * High Speed Networking * Streaming Protocols * Multicasting * Modelling and Simulation * Congestion Control Mechanisms, and * High-Speed Routing and Switching.

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