Cluster Partitioning in Logic-Organized Wireless Sensor/Actor Network

S.F. Pileggi, C.E. Palau, and M. Esteve (Spain)


Wireless Sensor Network; Cluster Partitioning; Simulation and Modelling.


Optimal cluster partitioning could result as a determinant issue in order to improve robustness, lifetime and performance of systems designed on advanced, large scale and logic-organized WSAN. Proposed algorithm provides a large scale network with the ability of optimally self deploy and configure itself in clusters in accordance with a robust logic organization that can guarantee flexibility, robustness and performance in hostile environments, characterized by variable and/or unpredictable conditions. Considering the objective difficulty of large scale experiments, a simulation environment (SPACE Simulator) that would support the designer during the entire process of deploying and optimization of cluster based architectures is proposed too.

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