Algorithms for Placement of Storage Components and Videos in Distributed Multimedia Servers

T. Szkaliczki (Hungary), P. Krpti (Norway), and L. Bszrmnyi (Austria)


real-time network analysis, resource constrained recommendation, streaming, adaptive distributed multimedia server, optimisation


We plan to setup a VoD service built on an innovative multimedia server architecture which enables dynamic adaptation to the changing circumstances. The adaptation happens by replicating the server components and the stored videos based on real-time host and network monitoring and resource constraint analysis. In addition, the terminal capabilities and client preferences are considered. The paper focuses on the challenge of the optimal placement of storage components and the videos in the network. We compare three implemented optimisation algorithms (so called simple, incremental and complex incremental); the latter one can be calibrated against different preferences. We examine the effect of changing weights of the algorithm onto the recommendation.

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