Tree Transmission Protocol for Feedback Distribution in IPTV Systems

D. Komosny, R. Burget, and V. Novotny (Czech Republic)


Multicast, Source-Specific, Feedback Target, RTP/RTCP, IPTV


IPTV sessions take advantage of the Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) where only one-direction transmission is provided from one source node to all end nodes. In IPTV, video/audio streams are carried using RTP/RTCP protocol. RTCP is mainly used to carry the feedback from end nodes to the source node. The purpose of feedback transmission is to distribute transmission-related statistics among all session nodes. This information is used for session management. However when a large number of end nodes is involved, a central node collecting and distributing the feedback can be overloaded since to much traffic is directed to it. A solution is to spread the feedback collection and distribution over several sub central nodes. These sub-central nodes process the feedback data and send only the result to a node, which could be another sub-central node or the central node. The paper deals with an organisation of sub-central nodes into a tree structure for feedback transmission. The system for tree organization is based on the Tree Transmission Protocol, which is also introduced in the paper.

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