Implementation Analysis of SVD for Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in MIMO Systems

C. Benavente-Peces (Spain), A. Ahrens (Germany), L. Arriero-Encinas (Spain), and C. Lange (Germany)


Singular value decomposition, MIMO systems, FPGA implementation CORDIC algorithm.


This paper analyses the constraints in the implementation of the singular value decomposition (SVD) for modulation-mode and power assignment in MIMO systems. The study focuses on the use of FPGA devices in the implementation, comparing advantages and drawbacks against the use of DSP (Digital signal processor) or GPP (General Purpose Processor) devices. The implementation of the SVD is analyzed through the algorithms that efficiently perform the required computations, seeking for computationally efficient solutions that provide parallelism and low complexity. The CORDIC algorithm seems to be a good candidate for this task since it can efficiently compute the singular value decomposition. It is shown that this algorithm provides an efficient tool for SVD computation with appropriate accuracy and the computational complexity obtained and the required resources make it feasible to be implemented on an FPGA device. System performance degradation is analyzed compared with conventional exact method for SVD.

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