Modulation-Mode and Power Assignment in SVD- and GMD-Assisted MIMO Systems

A. Ahrens, C. Lange (Germany), and C. Benavente-Peces (Spain)


Multiple Input Multiple Output System, Singular Value De composition, Geometric Mean Decomposition, Bit Alloca tion, Power Allocation, Wireless Transmission


Existing bit loading and transmit power allocation tech niques are often optimized for maintaining both a fixed transmit power and a fixed target bit-error rate while at tempting to maximize the overall data-rate. However, delay-critical real-time interactive applications, such as voice or video transmission, may require a fixed data rate. In this contribution the number of activated layers in a mul tiple input multiple output (MIMO) system and the num ber of bits per symbol along with the appropriate allocation of the transmit power are jointly optimized under the con straint of a given fixed data throughput. Our results show that in order to achieve the best bit-error rate, not necessar ily all MIMO layers have to be activated.

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