Impact of Modal Dispersion on the Parallel Interference Cancellation in DS-CDMA Optical Networks

A. Okassa-Mfoubat, I. Dayoub, and J.M. Rouvean (France)


OOC Codes, CDMA, Backbone, GIOP, LANs.


This present paper investigates the impact of modal dispersion on the performance of the Compensation Linear P arallel In ter- feren ce C an cellatio n (C L P IC ) receiver approach incorporating a broadband Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS- CDMA) scheme. Multimode fibers (MMFs) are characterized by multipath propagation and this leads to degradation on the sys temperformance. In this work, an approach based on the CLPIC receiver is dedicated to the multiple access interference ( M A I ) a n d d i s p e r s i o n m i t i g a t i o n . We dem onstrate that in the worst, syn- chronous, case this technique allows to enhance the data rate com paredwiththeconventionnalcorrelationreceiver.

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