Tracking Control for Reliable Outdoor Navigation using Curb Detection

S.-H. Kim, B.-S. Kim, and I.-K. Jung (Korea)


Outdoor mobile robot navigation, Curb detection


This paper presents an algorithm to detect curbs through the laser range finder. An important feature of road environment is the existence of curbs. A laser range finder is mounted on the mobile robot and looking down the road with a small tilt angle. We extracted the feature points of curbs among the raw scan data from the tilted laser range finder using the curb detection algorithm. The mobile robot builds the map of the curbs of roads and the map is used for tracking and localization. Experiments with data of roads indicate that curbs are reliably detected. As adding a term related to distance and angle between the robot and curbs to a kinematic controller, the robot is able to drive safely and reliably. To confirm the validity of proposed method, the system was tested in road environment.

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