Identification, Control and Applications    (ICA 2009)

August 17 – 19, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Modelling and Identification FreeSubscription
656-006 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Feeding System for Aquaculture Farms
H. Kim, M. Jang, S. Han, and H. Ceong (Korea)
656-018 Optimized Excitation Signals in AMB Rotor System Identification
K. Hynynen and R. Jastrzebski (Finland)
656-019 Identification of the Dynamic Behaviour of an Elbow Branch in a Liquid Transmission Line
B. Manhartsgruber (Austria)
656-024 Detection and Isolation of PEM Fuel Cell Low Flow Induced Faults
A.M. Niroumand, W. Mérida, and M. Saif (Canada)
656-028 Automation of Paint SAG Measurement and Prediction for Paint Planning and Scheduling
E. Kolakowska and M. Kristiansen (Denmark)
656-048 Modeling and Testing of a Morphing Wing in Open Loop Architecture
T.L. Grigorie, A.V. Popov, R.M. Botez, Y. Mébarki, and M. Mamou (Canada)
Track Process Control, Robotics, and Transportation Systems FreeSubscription
656-011 Dead-Beat Control of Discrete-Time Systems with Known Waveform-Type Unknown Disturbances
J. Riffer, E. Yaz, and S. Schneider (USA)
656-014 Tracking Control for Reliable Outdoor Navigation using Curb Detection
S.-H. Kim, B.-S. Kim, and I.-K. Jung (Korea)
656-015 Constrained Optimal Control of Integrating Process using Industrial PI Controller
S. Hong, J. Shin, J. Lee, and M. Lee (Korea)
656-039 Trajectory Tracking Control for the Fermentation of Biotechnological Processes
J. Hörrmann, M. Kräling, D. Barth, and H. Röck (Germany)
656-040 Comparative Study of Active Steering Control Systems for Vehicle Handling Enhancement
T. Shim (USA)
Track Scheduling FreeSubscription
656-027 Morphing Wing Control Validation during Bench Tests
A.V. Popov, L. Grigorie, and R.M. Botez (Canada)
656-037 A Local Search Algorithm with a New Acceptance Rule: Application to the Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem
N. Nahas and T.-M. Dao (Canada)
656-801 Grouping of Paint Strokes to Reduce Search Space of Scheduler and Improve Painting Quality
E. Kolakowska and M. Kristiansen (Denmark)
Track Control Theory and Applications FreeSubscription
656-025 Discrete Time State Feedback Controller Design for Conic Nonlinear Systems with General Criteria
F. Feng, C.S. Jeong, E.E. Yaz, and Y.I. Yaz (USA)
656-026 The State Dependent Control of Continuous Time Nonlinear Systems with Mixed Performance Criteria
X. Wang and E.E. Yaz (USA)
656-029 Time Delay Margin Estimation for Direct Adaptive Control of a Linear System
A.K. Ishihara, S. Ben-Menahem, and N. Nguyen (USA)
656-033 Real Time Control of Stochastic Manufacturing Systems with Jump Semi-Markov
T. Diep, T.-M. Dao (Canada), and S. Abou (USA)
656-045 Output Tracking of Nonlinear Non-Minimum Phase Systems by Gradient Descent Control
J. Naiborhu (Indonesia)
656-052 Analysis of an IDA Passivity-based Control of the Ball and Beam System with Friction
J. Sandoval, R. Kelly, and V. Santibañez (Mexico)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
651-050 Robust Reference Model Control with LMI Formulation
L.A. Rodrigues, E.N. Gonçalves, V.J.S. Leite, and R.M. Palhares (Brazil)
651-079 Pole Allocation for Structural Control
M. Loccufier and F. Petit (Belgium)
651-097 Essential Pendular Control Systems
C.N. Calistru (Romania)
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