Model based Architecting with MARTE and SysML Profiles

S. Pantsar-Syväniemi and E. Ovaska (Finland)


Model-driven development, Embedded software, MARTE, and SysML


Model-Driven Development (MDD) can provide a systematic way of managing complexity of large networked systems. However, generic modeling languages lack of support for the specific characteristics of real-time embedded systems. The UML profile for Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded systems (MARTE), recently published by Object Management Group (OMG), is the first step to solve this problem. The research related to the MARTE profile has concentrated to enhancing the profile itself and reporting the results where MARTE has been used as a base of an own development environment. This paper presents the results of applicability and value of MARTE and SysML(Systems Modeling Language) profiles based on our experiment and experience in the area of real-time and embedded software in the telecommunication infrastructure industry. The experiment reported in this paper is first one done by others than the contributors of the MARTE profile.

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