Software Engineering    (SE 2010)

February 16 – 18, 2010
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): R. Fox, W. Golubski
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Track Model based Development FreeSubscription
677-013 Model based Architecting with MARTE and SysML Profiles
S. Pantsar-Syväniemi and E. Ovaska (Finland)
677-015 Plausible Logic Facilitates Engineering the Behaviour of Autonomous Robots
D. Billington, V. Estivill-Castro, R. Hexel, and A. Rock (Australia)
677-027 Updating Imperatively Defined Model Transformations by Merging Paths
E. Fischer (Germany)
677-028 Timing Diagrams Requirements Modeling using Event-B Formal Methods
T. Joochim, C.F. Snook, M.R. Poppleton, and A.M. Gravell (UK)
677-039 Transformation to Formalized Business Process Model
G.-W. Kim, S.H. Lee, H. Seo, and J.H. Son (Korea)
677-043 Developing a Usability Evaluation Framework (FUEML) for Modeling Languages
C. Schalles (Ireland), M. Rebstock (Germany), and J. Creagh (Ireland)
677-050 A .NET Architecture for Domain Expert Programming in Electrical Engineering
G. Czech, C. Ernstbrunner, and J. Pichler (Austria)
677-091 TraDe: A Language and its Tool Support for Programming in Electrical Engineering
M. Pfeiffer and J. Pichler (Austria)
677-095 Scheduler Implementation for Small Embedded Systems
D. Donari, L. Ordinez, R. Santos, and J. Orozco (Argentina)
677-099 On the Object Modelling of the Massively Parallel Architecture Computers
M. Youssfi, O. Bouattane, and M.O. Bensalah (Morocco)
Track Software Engineering Requirements and Validation FreeSubscription
677-021 Using Formal Concept Analysis for Verification of Process - Data Matrices in Conceptual Domain Models
J. Poelmans (Belgium), G. Dedene (Belgium, The Netherlands), M. Snoeck, and S. Viaene (Belgium)
677-065 Property Checking for Design Patterns
L. Feng, X. Yu, G. Pu, S. Jiang, H. Zhu, and B. Gu (PRC)
677-079 Modeling of a Requirements Management Tool to Support Small Projects
A. Zainol and S. Mansoor (UK)
677-088 Towards an Integrated Process-Personnel Model to Evaluate the Requirements Engineering in SMEs
L. Pires, M. Ortega, M. Pérez, L. Mendoza, E. Méndez, and K. Domínguez (Venezuela)
677-097 Predicting Class Interactions from Requirement Interactions: Evaluating a New Filtration Approach
N. Kama, T. French, and M. Reynolds (Australia)
Track Software Engineering Methodologies and Experiences FreeSubscription
677-031 Performance Comparison for Effort Estimation Models with Log-Normal and Gamma Distributions
S. Amasaki (Japan)
677-042 Experiences Initiating Software Product Line Engineering in Small Teams with Pulse
H.M. Mærsk-Møller and B. Nørregaard Jørgensen (Denmark)
677-066 Attachable Software Visualization for Multiple-Thread Programs
T. Shimomura, K. Ikeda, and M. Takahashi (Japan)
677-072 A Graph Theoretic Approach to Estimate Software Evolution Costs
E.J. Stanek (USA)
677-087 Usability of Mobile Voting with NFC Technology
K. Ok, V. Coskun, and M.N. Aydin (Turkey)
Track Software Re-Engineering, Maintenance, and Knowledge Management FreeSubscription
677-022 Improving Software Development Processes in Small Companies: A Case Study
M. Kivihalme and A. Valsta (Finland)
677-052 A New Constructive Model for Reengineering Software Systems
P. Sampson, H. Ali, and V. Roth (USA)
677-061 A Validation of Refactorings Impact on Maintainability: A Case Study
R. Shatnawi (Jordan)
677-085 Value-based Software Architecture Knowledge Management Tool
N. Ahmad (Pakistan), M. Usman (Pakistan, USA), and N. Ikram (Pakistan)
677-089 Finding Alternate Javascript Codes with a Code Repository
E. Hirumuta, T. Kobayashi, N. Atsumi, and K. Agusa (Japan)
Track Human-Computer Interaction Issues FreeSubscription
677-055 Expressive Power of a New Iconic Visual Query Language for Mobile GIS
S. Khaddaj and H.E. Elariss (UK)
677-056 Query Formulation of a Visual Query Language for Mobile GIS
H.E. Elariss and S. Khaddaj (UK)
677-064 Incorporating Usability in the Software Development Process
M. Aveledo, A. De la Rosa, and A.M. Moreno (Spain)
677-082 XP-Prototyping Approach for User Interface Design of Large Web-based Applications
O.N.A. Al-Allaf (Jordan)
Track Software Testing FreeSubscription
677-025 Analyzing Impact of Change in UML Sequence Diagrams on State Machine based Regression Testing
N. Sabahat (Pakistan), Q.-u.-A. Farooq (Germany), and Z.I. Malik (Pakistan)
677-033 Testing Embedded Systems Software using Open Source Virtual Platforms
A. Bastoni, P. Boschi, F. Batino, C. Di Biagio, and L. Recchia (Italy)
677-070 Server-Driven Regression Test for Web Applications and its Performance
T. Shimomura and K. Ikeda (Japan)
677-075 Addressing High Severity Faults in Web Application Testing
K. Dobolyi and W. Weimer (USA)
677-103 Developing S-Shaped Reliability Growth Model for Open Source Software by Considering Change-Point
V.B. Singh, P.K. Kapur, and R. Kumar (India)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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