Updating Imperatively Defined Model Transformations by Merging Paths

E. Fischer (Germany)


Model Driven Engineering, Model Driven Architecture,Transformations, Change Propagation


Model Driven Engineering is a popular approach to cope with the growing complexity of today’s software systems. A central idea thereof is to start a development by creating a model on a high abstraction level and continue alternately with automatic transformations to the respectively next lower abstraction level and manual enrichments. However, enrichments are lost if one of those transformations has to be applied again – e.g. after revising the starting model later on. Current approaches capable of retaining those enrichments require transformations to be defined declaratively on a low-level data structure. This impairs their usability in practice. Allowing higher level constructs, however, is yet subject to research. In this paper, we present a new and completely different approach which allows updating imperatively defined transformations on any data structure.

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