On the Object Modelling of the Massively Parallel Architecture Computers

M. Youssfi, O. Bouattane, and M.O. Bensalah (Morocco)


Parallel processing, Object modelling, Emulation, XML, Parallel virtual machine


In this paper, we present a modelling method to describe and emulate the massively parallel single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) structure machines. Among the modelled machines, we distinguish the linear, 2D meshes and pyramidal structures. All these computers are based physically on a multitude of fine grained processing elements (PE) arranged and coupled according to their associated topological pattern. Basing on the object modelling technique and on the XML description language, we develop a hard kernel of a parallel 2D virtual machine in which we translate all the physical properties of its different components. This kernel can be easily extended to the other mentioned topological structures. A parallel programming language and its compiler are also developed to edit, compile and run parallel programs. Furthermore, some illustrative examples will be given to show how the developed instruction sets can be manipulated to touch a large field of the parallel data processing applications.

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