Using Formal Concept Analysis for Verification of Process - Data Matrices in Conceptual Domain Models

J. Poelmans (Belgium), G. Dedene (Belgium, The Netherlands), M. Snoeck, and S. Viaene (Belgium)


Formal Concept Analysis, MERODE, Conceptual Domain Modeling, OOSSADM, CRUD


One of the first steps in a software engineering process is the elaboration of the conceptual domain model. In this paper, we investigate how Formal Concept Analysis can be used to formally underpin the construction of a conceptual domain model. In particular, we demonstrate that intuitive verification rules for process-data matrices can be formally grounded in FCA theory. As a case study, we show that the well-formedness rules from MERODE are isomorphic to the clustering rules in Formal Concept Analysis, and that the relationships in the class diagram are isomorphic to the subconcept-superconcept relationship in FCA.

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