Value-based Software Architecture Knowledge Management Tool

N. Ahmad (Pakistan), M. Usman (Pakistan, USA), and N. Ikram (Pakistan)


Software architecture, architectural knowledge, architectural design decisions, value-based software engineering, success-critical stakeholders.


Proper management of architectural knowledge (AK) is essential in order to reduce high evolution and maintenance costs and to avoid architectural erosion. Researchers have proposed different tools and techniques for managing architectural knowledge, but practitioners are reluctant in applying such tools and techniques because of certain inhibitors such as extra time and effort required, unclear benefits of documenting AK etc. To deal with such inhibitors, there is a need to manage AK in a value based manner. This paper presents a value-based approach for managing architectural knowledge. Value Based approach takes into account value consideration of stakeholders and only documents the information required by stakeholders. The value based approach is implemented on an existing open source software architecture management tool. Results are presented from the experiments which were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the value based knowledge management approach and the modified tool.

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