XP-Prototyping Approach for User Interface Design of Large Web-based Applications

O.N.A. Al-Allaf (Jordan)


Web-based Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Extreme Programming (XP), User Interface (UI), Throw away Prototype.


The development of interactive web applications with Graphical User Interface (GUI) has become increasingly common in recent years. The user interface (UI) of web applications includes multimedia such as text, images, video and sound. The success of such applications depends on how the combinations of media are used and good design. The large enterprises need effective methods, tools and experienced developers to design UIs of large web applications because these applications consist of complex interacting activities, supports multiple users and developed by large number of developers. We addressed in this paper the problems of UI design based on literature and a survey conducted in five large Jordanian enterprises which undertaken large web development. We proposed in this paper a UI design approach (XP-PROTOTYPING) that combines XP agile with Throwaway Prototype processes to overcome UI design problems of large web applications. Based on our initial evaluation, the combination of these two processes (XP-PROTOTYPING) could be more effective to make web application easier to develop; reduce risks by increasing flexibility to change and maintain, quality but this may require experienced professionals to work as XP team.

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