A Design of Facial Recognition System using Neural Network based Geometrics 3D Facial

S.K. Jawad, R. Rzouq, S. Hiary, S. Issa, and A. Garageer (Jordan)


Neural network, Geometrics techniques, Photo Modeler.


Face recognition is the most important biometric system for identification and verification of a person's identity. Years of interaction with leading facial recognition vendors, and extensive evaluation of the technology for large-scale applications were achieved. This paper presents a high performance face recognition system for database images. The corner stone for the recognition performs 3D facial recognition system using geometrics techniques. Geometrics are used for analyzing and mapping the face and have the ability to relate each selected human face point in space with 3D coordinates (X, Y, and Z). Photo Modeler is used to perform the coordinate of specific points that used to specified geometrics parameters for face recognition. The neural network helped in making the required recognition. The designed recognition method do not effected by face gesture and has lower cost compared with other techniques. Also, low delay to obtain the required recognition is gotten by the probabilistic neural network which is used.

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