Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition and Applications    (SPPRA 2009)

February 17 – 18, 2009
Innsbruck, Austria
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Track Medical Imaging FreeSubscription
643-015 Comparison of Data Fusion in Different Color Spaces for Color Iris Recognition
C. Sun (PRC), F. Melgani (Italy), L. Zhang, C. Zhou (PRC), D.N. Francesco (Italy), and X. Liu (PRC)
643-030 Wavelet-based Image Registration and Alignment for Image Retrieval using Mutual Information and Fuzzy Logic
A. Quddus, O. Basir, and F. Karray (Canada)
643-065 Content based Medical Image Indexing and Retrieval using a Fuzzy Compact Composite Descriptor
S.A. Chatzichristofis and Y.S. Boutalis (Greece)
643-075 Classification of Ion-Channel Signals using Neural Networks
B. Konnanath, P. Knee, A. Spanias, and G. Wichern (USA)
Track Video Technology and Computer Vision FreeSubscription
643-027 A Wavelet-based Conditional Replenishment Compression System for Scalable Live Video Streaming
N. Pranke and K. Froitzheim (Germany)
643-063 A Design of Facial Recognition System using Neural Network based Geometrics 3D Facial
S.K. Jawad, R. Rzouq, S. Hiary, S. Issa, and A. Garageer (Jordan)
643-072 Object Tracking with the Level Set Method and the Particle Filtering
E. Yang and M. Jeon (Korea)
643-076 Face Recognition using Belief Propagation Algorithm for Varying Expression
S. Okuno, T.T. Son, and S. Mita (Japan)
643-080 TV Broadcast Macro-Segmentation using the Repetition Property of Inter-Programs
G. Manson and S.-A. Berrani (France)
643-081 Comparison of PCA and Nonlinear PCA for Face Recognition
W. Huang and H. Yin (UK)
Track Speech Processing FreeSubscription
643-042 Restoration of Authentic Features in Tracheoesophageal Speech by a Multi-Resolution Approach
O. Schleusing, R. Vetter, Ph. Renevey, J. Krauss, F.N. Reale, V. Schweizer, and J.-M. Vesin (Switzerland)
643-056 Optimum Combiner Performance when Fusing Degraded Classifiers
F.M. Alkoot (Kuwait)
643-071 Automatic Labeling of Training Data for Singing Voice Detection in Musical Audio
K. Lee and M. Cremer (USA)
643-079 Acoustic Target Localization based on Lifting Scheme Wavelet Transform in Wireless Sensor Network
D. Cha, T. Lee, J. Hong, and C. Hwang (Korea)
643-088 Speech Enhancement using GSC with Multi-Channel Crosstalk Resistant Adaptive Signal Cancellation
Q. Zeng and W. Abdulla (New Zealand)
Track Signal Processing FreeSubscription
643-009 GCD-based Blind Deconvolution using PCA-based Noise Reduction
A. Tanaka, K. Azuma, and M. Miyakoshi (Japan)
643-028 Randomized Algorithms to Minimize the Energy Function for 3D Shape Matching
P. Xiao (Australia)
643-041 Fast Scale-Invariant Feature Transform using Niching Particle Swarm Optimization
T. Jeon and M. Jeon (Korea)
643-044 Joint Detection and Channel Estimation for MIMO Systems with SC-FDE Modulations
J.C. Silva, R. Dinis, and N. Souto (Portugal)
Track Signal Processing Applications FreeSubscription
643-018 Development of an Electromyographic Control System based on Pattern Recognition for Prosthetic Hand Applications
S.A. Ahmad and P.H. Chappell (UK)
643-040 Time-Frequency Signatures of Micro-Doppler Effect in ISAR Imaging and Parameter Estimation
F. Su, Y. Lou, M. Jiu, and Y. Zhang (PRC)
643-055 Implementation of Wavenumber Algorithm for Spaceborn SAR
S. Hamidi and M.A. Masnadi-Shirazi (Iran)
643-064 Selection of the Proper Compact Composite Descriptor for Improving Content based Image Retrieval
S.A. Chatzichristofis, Y.S. Boutalis (Greece), and M. Lux (Austria)
643-804 Electromagnetic Side Channel: A Comparison of Multi-Class Feature Selection Methods
G.O. Dyrkolbotn and E. Snekkenes (Norway)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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