Acoustic Target Localization based on Lifting Scheme Wavelet Transform in Wireless Sensor Network

D. Cha, T. Lee, J. Hong, and C. Hwang (Korea)


Wireless Sensor network, Wavelet, Acoustic target detection


In recent years, wireless sensor network research has been focused on power limitation and communication bandwidth constraints in sensor node. Sensor node signal processing in acoustic target localization in wireless sensor network consists of noise cancellation, signal compression for communication, feature extraction for target identification, target detection etc. Wired sensor network signal processing algorithm in sensor node can not be applied to wireless sensor network. Energy-based target detection methods and local vote methods are widely used in wireless sensor network detection. These methods, however, have weak points with exact target localization and target classification because of missing target information. In this paper, we will introduce an algorithm for acoustic target localization based on lifting scheme wavelet analysis feature extraction in wireless sensor network.

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