Coastal Desalination and Pipelines as a Viable Water Source for the African Sahel Region

R.C. Tennyson (Canada), M.R. Templeton, L. Ahmed (UK), R. Verma (Canada), G.J.A. van den Beld, E.W. van Heurn (The Netherlands), and S. Durant (S. Africa)


Water supply and delivery, desalination, pipelines, storagetanks, crops, environment, Sahel, Africa


This paper presents the technical case for a viable long term solution for providing clean potable water in the Sahel region of Africa using desalination technology and water pipelines running east and west from both coasts. Estimates of plant size, pumping capacity and pipeline flow rates are presented with route options based on topography and local population requirements. In addition, analyses of crop water requirements suitable for each region are given. Solar energy farms are proposed to power the stations and irrigation systems to create local farming oases along the route which traverses nine countries. Economic, political, and environmental challenges are also discussed.

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