Water Resource Management    (AfricaWRM 2010)

September 6 – 8, 2010
Gaborone, Botswana
Editor(s): O. Totolo
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Track Invited Paper FreeSubscription
686-800 EXCEED – Excellence Center for Development Cooperation Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries
M. Bahadir (Germany)
Track Water Suppy and Sustainable Use FreeSubscription
686-009 Improved Sustainability of Arsenic-Impacted Water Supplies through Rainwater Harvesting
E.A. McBean (Canada)
686-021 Coastal Desalination and Pipelines as a Viable Water Source for the African Sahel Region
R.C. Tennyson (Canada), M.R. Templeton, L. Ahmed (UK), R. Verma (Canada), G.J.A. van den Beld, E.W. van Heurn (The Netherlands), and S. Durant (S. Africa)
686-027 Quantitative Study of Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources Transfer Project in Hebei Province, North China
L. Yang and T.-z. Gao (PR China)
686-028 Water Resources Sustainable Utilization using AHP: A Case of Hebei Province, North China
L. Yang and T.-z. Gao (PR China)
686-043 Are Roof Tanks Pro-Poor Service Levels? A Case Study from Ethekwini (Durban), South Africa
N. Brunner, L. Essl (Austria), T. Gounden, S. Mbatha, N. Ngubane (S. Africa), and M. Starkl (Austria)
686-054 Men and Women in Irrigated Agriculture in Southeastern Nigeria
E.C. Amaechina, E.C. Nwagbo, and E.C. Eboh (Nigeria)
686-065 Socio-Economic Effects of Disconnection of Standpipes in Bontleng and Lehututu in Botswana
L.N. Letsebe and E.N. Toteng (Botswana)
Track Modelling and Forecasting FreeSubscription
686-017 Dry Seasons and Food Security: A Markov-Switching VAR Analysis on Niger River and Food Prices in Niamey
S. Mainardi (Poland)
686-036 Long Term Simulation of Groundwater Situation in Murauk Basin due to Great-Man Made Project Pumping in Libya
I.M. Abdelrahem, K. Rashid, and A. Ismail (Malaysia)
686-051 Research on the Influence of Flood Control Caused by the Flood Storage Retreated
J. Chen, T.-j. Chen, and R. Qian (PR China)
686-055 Evaluation of the SWAT Model in Hydrologic Modeling of a Large Watershed in Nigeria
H. Xie, E. Nkonya, and B. Wielgosz (USA)
686-059 Characterisation of the Thermal Aquifer Associated with the Siloam Hot Spring in Limpopo, South Africa
P.K. Nyabeze, J.S. Venter, J. Olivier, and T.R. Motlakeng (S. Africa)
686-061 Groundwater Resources Evaluation from Remote Sensing: Part 2. Spatio-Temporal Recharge and Water Balances
B.F. Alemaw, T.R. Chaoka, and B. Munyai (Botswana)
Track Planning, Management, and Techniques in Water Resources FreeSubscription
686-018 Delineation of Floodplains of Dep River Basin, North Central Nigeria, using Remote Sensing and GIS
R.E. Daffi and J.A. Otun (Nigeria)
686-033 Establishment and Application of the Evaluation Model for Water Resources Security in Arid Area - Dunhuang City for Example
F. Wu and J.-g. Wang (PR China)
686-052 Impact of Reservoirs on Morphometric Characteristics of Streams: A Case of Shashe Dam in North-Eastern Botswana
B.P. Parida, D.B. Moalafhi, and K. Sebokolodi (Botswana)
686-058 Pre-Treatment of Algal-Laden Water using Volcanic Ash in a Dual Media Filtration System
H.M. Kalibbala (Uganda), E. Plaza, O. Wahlberg (Sweden), and R. Kaggwa (Uganda)
686-060 Groundwater Resources Evaluation from Remote Sensing: Part 1. Fracture Density Analysis and its Applications
B.F. Alemaw, T.R. Chaoka, and T.L. Masaka (Botswana)
686-062 Infilling Annual Rainfall using Feedforward Generalized Backpropagation Neural Network: Effect of the Generalization Parameter
M. Illunga (S. Africa)
686-076 Influence of Basalt Weathering on Shallow Groundwater Quality in Semi-Arid Cawoods-Mazunga, Zimbabwe: Petrographic Study
W. Moyce, M. Meck, R. Owen, and D. Love (Zimbabwe)
686-077 Impact of Global Change on the Water Resources of the oued Ziz (Morocco)
A. Sadiki (Morocco), A. Navas (Spain), A. Faleh (Morocco), L. Gaspar, and J. Machín (Spain)
Track Wastewater and Water Pollution FreeSubscription
686-015 Immobilization Process of Flavobacterium Sp. for Bioremediation of Contaminated Surface Water
R. Li, X. Chen, X.-y. Xu, H. Yu, and Y. Fan (PR China)
686-047 Transportation and Fate of Pollutants from Dorowa Mine Zimbabwe: Transboundary Implications
M.L. Meck (Zimbabwe, Botswana), W.R.L. Masamba, J. Atlhopheng, and S. Ringrose (Botswana)
686-067 Evaluating Soil Compaction on Leaching of Water and Nitrogen: Column Experiments and Simulation
Y. Li, C.-h. Huang, L. Zhu, and Y. Zhang (PR China)
Track Special Session on Wastewater Systems and Impacts on the Environment FreeSubscription
686-072 Rapid Assessment of Macro-Invertebrate Health in the Effluent Dominated Notwane River, Botswana
R. Thobosi (Botswana)
686-073 Sustainable Approaches to Decentralized Wastewater Systems with Emphasis on Developing Countries in Semi-Arid Regions
R. Hranova (Botswana)
686-075 Appropriate and Sustainable Wastewater Management in Developing Countries by the Use of Constructed Wetlands
H. Brix (Denmark), T. Koottatep (Thailand), O. Fryd (Denmark), and C.H. Laugesen (S. Africa)
686-078 Water Quality Improvements through Constructed Wetlands: A Case Study in Mexico
M. Starkl, L. Essl (Austria), J.L. Martinez, and E. Lopez (Mexico)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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