Research on the Influence of Flood Control Caused by the Flood Storage Retreated

J. Chen, T.-j. Chen, and R. Qian (PR China)


Flood forecasting techniques, Flood control, Flood storage retreated, Flood storage capacity


The shrinkage of water area affects the ecological balance and the flood control seriously, this not only influences the survival of animals and plants, but also impairs the regulating ability of the lake and brings more pressure to the flood control. Retreating the flood storage is necessary. With one-dimensional unsteady flow mathematical model, the influence factor on the flood control along the river caused by retreating the flood storage is researched and the laws about the flood control caused by retreating the flood storage are summed up in this paper. A conclusion is drawn that retreating the flood storage is very important to store floodwater, besides this, single retreat is more effective than double retreat to the flood control; Under single retreat, the flood control is affected by the time of opening the floodgate, and the effect of storing floodwater is more obvious with reasonably operation regulation; the position nearer the flood storage is affected more than that far position, and the position upstream is affected more than that position downstream. Many factors such as relative position, mode of retreating and the operation regulation should be considered.

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