Long Term Simulation of Groundwater Situation in Murauk Basin due to Great-Man Made Project Pumping in Libya

I.M. Abdelrahem, K. Rashid, and A. Ismail (Malaysia)


Groundwater, Libya, Man-made River, Simulation


Libya is considered as one of those countries which suffer from limited water resources availability. About 95 % of the country is desert. The average annual rainfall is just between 10 mm to 500 mm over the entire Libyan land surface. The Great Man-Made River Project (GMMRP), started in 1984, transfers groundwater from the southern aquifers to the northern part at a rate of 5.7 million m3 /day over thousands of kilometers. Continuing water consumption from the aquifer system over the last two decades has resulted in significant lowering of the groundwater level and affecting its quality. This paper is focusing on the drawdown of groundwater level due to Great Man-Made Project pumping at Murzuk Basin. The study is carried out using Groundwater Vistas (GV) software, MODFLOW is the package that selected for water level simulation to get the steady-state condition at study area for long-term of pumping, and MODOFC to make an optimization model, it is formulated in term to minimizing the total water extract and water head as objective functions.

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