Establishment and Application of the Evaluation Model for Water Resources Security in Arid Area - Dunhuang City for Example

F. Wu and J.-g. Wang (PR China)


Arid area, water resources security, comprehensiveassessment, water resources planning and management


This paper, on the basis of detailed analysis of the characteristics of water resources safety in arid region, we brought forward the combination of fishbone diagram and fuzzy integrative evaluate method to assess the safety of water resources in arid area. First, we build the evaluation system by fishbone diagram method. And then, on the basis of it, we construct an evaluation model and analyze the constraints of it. Last, we take Dunhuang city as an example, and use the model to conduct evaluation of its water resources security. The research indicated that: the model was established providing a new thought to evaluate the water resources security in arid area and has practical guiding significance. It not only builds a scientific and rational factor evaluation system, but also can identify the factor which makes greater impact on water resources safety in arid area and according to this to take corresponding measures to ensure the arid region's water resources security.

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