Impact of Reservoirs on Morphometric Characteristics of Streams: A Case of Shashe Dam in North-Eastern Botswana

B.P. Parida, D.B. Moalafhi, and K. Sebokolodi (Botswana)


Stream order, Morphometry, Climate change, Streamdensity, Stream frequency


Impoundment of water through construction of dams across rivers ranks among the most prominent man-made modifications of the natural systems with the main aim of improving the lives of the people and yet with some far reaching implications on the dynamics of the river systems which can not be ignored. In this study, analysis of stream characteristics (Horton order ratios as well as Stream frequency and Density) of Shashe river in north eastern Botswana has been undertaken for the periods at the dam construction (1970) and after dam construction (1990). It was found out that the morphometry of the river systems has changed as a result with RA and RB decreases averaging 40 % and 20 % respectively. Increases are evident for RL, Drainage density and Stream frequency at 8 %, 26 % and 10 % respectively.

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