Immobilization Process of Flavobacterium Sp. for Bioremediation of Contaminated Surface Water

R. Li, X. Chen, X.-y. Xu, H. Yu, and Y. Fan (PR China)


Contaminated Surface water; Flavubacterium sp.;microorganism immobilization; bioremediation; CODCr (chemical oxygen demand); removal rate Contaminated surface wate


According to the characteristics of contaminated surface water, a strain of Flavobacterium sp. which can remove CODCr efficiently was picked out from the river substrate sludge and immobilized. By comparing several immobilization processed, an efficient carrier was determined, i.e., a gel with the component of 10.5% PVA, 0.5% Na.Alg, 3% activated carbon and trace amount of auxins. The result showed that the CODCr removal efficiency of immobilized Flavobacterium sp. was 86.27%, which was much higher than that of free stains, when the treatment time was 78h.

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