Rapid Assessment of Macro-Invertebrate Health in the Effluent Dominated Notwane River, Botswana

R. Thobosi (Botswana)


Ecological status, Macro-invertebrates, Notwane river


Rivers are under increasing pressure from human perturbation in a quest for development with impacts conventionally stated in hydro-chemical criteria. This lack of integrative assessment creates gaps in detection of aquatic ecosystems’ health. This study was in the vicinity of Gaborone on Notwane River, the only perennial river in South Eastern Botswana, flowing into an international river, Limpopo. The paper assesses and evaluates the current macro-invrtebrate health of a section where the river by-passes Gaborone. Macro-invertebrate health is defined by diversity, abundance and sensitivity. Results suggest the river function processes to be typical of human-disturbed streams, and indicate variable health state. The author contends that adoption of a river health monitoring program and implementation of environmental protection tools such as EIA Act {1}, are critical for easing continued pressure on Notwane and other river ecosystems.

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