Force Feedback Device for Virtual Reality: Arm Exoskeleton

C. Silawatchananai and M. Parnichkun (Thailand)


Haptic device, Upper limb exoskeleton, TorqueEstimation


This paper presents the development of an arm exoskeleton for displaying a force feedback generated from virtual reality. The developed arm exoskeleton allows the user to obtain the sensation of touch along the joints: wrist, elbow and shoulder. To represent the most realistic touching of virtual object, weight of the device and viscosity of each joint should be compensated. Based on the model derived by Lagrange equation, the model can perform quite well however it is sensitive to model uncertainties of mass and joint friction. A torque disturbance observer for robot manipulator is applied to estimate not only the disturbance at each joint, but also the reaction torque from the user.

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