Robotics    (Robo 2010)

November 24 – 26, 2010
Phuket, Thailand
Editor(s): J. Billingsley, R. Chancharoen, M. Parnichkun
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Track Human Robot Interaction FreeSubscription
703-015 Evaluation of Remote Class Support System with the Android Robot SAYA in Elementary Schools
T. Hashimoto, N. Kato, and H. Kobayashi (Japan)
703-017 Force Feedback Device for Virtual Reality: Arm Exoskeleton
C. Silawatchananai and M. Parnichkun (Thailand)
703-023 Tracking Control of a Tele-Operated Manipulator
T. Viphavorasin and R. Chancharoen (Thailand)
703-027 Efficient Second-Order Minimization based Visual Tracking on Moving Face
L.D. Hanh, Chyi-Yeu Lin, Chi-Ying Lin (Taiwan), and K. Hashimoto (Japan)
703-038 Master-Slave Operation for a 6-DOF Parallel Haptic Device and a Hybrid 5-Axis H-4 Family Parallel Manipulator
V.Sangveraphunsiri and R. Arayavongkul (Thailand)
703-039 Mobile Robot System "LiSA" for Safe Human-Robot Interaction
N. Elkmann, E. Schulenburg, and M. Fritzsche (Germany)
703-041 Tremor Suppression using Proxy-based Sliding-Mode Control for a Meal-Assist Robot
K. Nishiwaki, S. Hiramatsu, and K. Yano (Japan)
703-053 Development of Master Slave Manipulator (1 DOF) using PIC 18LF2431
A. Vasumalaikannan, S.J. George, S. Venugopal, and R. Kumar (India)
Track Automation and Manufacturing FreeSubscription
703-001 Fourth Order Motion Profile Planning for High Precision Applications
A. Amthor, A. Lorenz, S. Zschaeck, and C. Ament (Germany)
703-003 Flexible Part Feeding with the Aerodynamic Centrifuge - Distribution of Pressure and Design Implications
T. Frädrich and P. Nyhuis (Germany)
703-019 Tool Path Planning Technique for Robot Plasma Spray Coating on Duct Component
N. Aroonchote, N. Naksuk, N. Depaiwa (Thailand), and H. Yamaura (Japan)
703-020 Camber Detection Algorithm using the Image Stitching Technique in Hot-Rolling Process
J.W. Yoo, N.W. Kong, J.-m. Song, and P. Park (Korea)
703-043 Cooperative Motion of Two Robot Arms for Manipulating Flexible Display
T.S. Liu and S.C. Yu (Taiwan)
Track Sensor and Vision FreeSubscription
703-031 A Model for Type-2 Fuzzy Control Traffic Shaping over High Speed Network using Double Token Leaky Bucket
S. Lekcharoen (Thailand)
703-037 Arrowhead Detection Method for Traffic Guidance Sign Structure Analysis based on Genetic Algorithm
A. Vavilin, K. Deb, and K.-H. Jo (Korea)
703-054 Mobile Robot Localization by EKF and Indoor GPS based on Eliminated Maximum Error Anchor
H. Kang, J. Yun, S. Kim, and J. Lee (Korea)
703-056 An Interactive 3D Sensor System and its Programming for Target Localizing in Robotics Applications
T. Heikkilä, J.M. Ahola, E. Viljamaa, and M. Järviluoma (Finland)
703-058 Predictability of Human Motion for Mobile Robot Control
S. Thompson and S. Kagami (Japan)
Track Mechanism Analysis and Design FreeSubscription
703-005 Analysis and Modeling of the Cable-Pulley Power Transmission System in Robots
P. Pitakwatchara (Thailand)
703-029 Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Spring Actuated Manipulator with Tip Payload
P. Persad, K. Loutan Jr., and C. Maharaj (Trinidad)
703-044 Design and Simulation of a Biologically Inspired Hexapod Robot using SimMechanics
U. Asif and J. Iqbal (Pakistan)
703-045 Mechanical Design and Implementation of a Sociable Companion Robot
H. Wei, N. Li, Y. Tao, S. Zheng, and W. Cao (PR China)
703-055 Development of Rescue Robot with Expandable Side Crawler
G. Hirano and S. Furuno (Japan)
Track Robotics and Control FreeSubscription
703-002 Global Stabilization of Underactuated TORA based on Equivalent-Input-Disturbance Approach
A. Zhang (PR China, Japan), T. Liu, J. She (Japan), X. Lai, and M. Wu (PR China)
703-010 Compact Fuzzy Q Learning for Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation
H. Wicaksono, K. Anam, P. Hastono, I.A. Sulistijono, and S. Kuswadi (Indonesia)
703-011 Biped Robot Walking using Central Pattern Generator and Genetic Algorithm
C. Liu, Q. Chen (PR China), and D. Wang (PR China, Singapore)
703-021 Workspace Sensitivity Analysis of Spatial Cable Robots
J. Hamedi, A. Bahrami, and M. Nikkhah-Bahrami (Iran)
703-028 Balancing Control and Backlash Compensation of Leg Exoskeleton using Hybrid Jacobian-Fuzzy Control
N. Aphiratsakun and M. Parnichkun (Thailand)
703-033 Hip-Torque Limit for No-Slip Conditions and Estimation of Frictional Coefficients for Legged Robots
D.-H. Shin, Y. Kim, and J. An (Korea)
703-035 Design and Implementation of a PC-based Controller for a New Cable Driven Robot
A. Alikhani, F. Ghahremani (Iran), S. Behzadipour (Canada), and B. Ebrahimi (Iran)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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