DSC-SRI Algorithms for Motion Blind Detection of Objects in an Ultrasound System

Rakesh Biswas, Kishor Sarawadekar, and Swapna Banerjee


Ultrasound Sonography, Digital Scan Conversion, Speckle Reduction Imaging, DaVinci


In this paper, VLSI-DSP based a real time solution for digital scan conversion (DSC) and speckle reduced imaging (SRI) of an ultrasonography (USG) are proposed. DSC is needed to convert the polar format data to Cartesian coordinate to make them compatible for the display device. To reduce Moirè artifact a new interpolation algorithm is proposed which is a combination of warped distance based adaptive bilinear interpolation method and modified selective sampling technique. Number of sample acquired changes with variation in depth of focus. Consequently, changes occur in the sample mapping process. In this paper, a depth invariant DSC algorithm is proposed to address this issue. Further, speckle noise present in the ultrasound images are reduced using a modified aggressive region growing filter. The proposed DSC and SRI algorithms are implemented on XC5VLX50T FPGA and are capable of processing 719 frames per second. With such high frame rate, motion blind detection of the objects may be possible using USG systems.

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