Imaging and Signal Processing in Healthcare and Technology    (ISPHT 2011)

May 16 – 18, 2011
Washington, DC, USA
Editor(s): R. Merrell
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Track Advanced Imaging FreeSubscription
737-007 Investigating Predictive Power of At-Risk Voxels using DCE-MRI during Radiotherapy for Cervical Cancer
Zhibin Huang, Nina A. Mayr, Simon S. Lo, John C. Grecula, William T.C. Yuh, and Jian Z. Wang
737-030 Segmentation Refinement of Cerebral and Carotid Arteries in CT Angiography
Ling Fu, Kai Zhao, and Yan Kang
737-013 X-Ray Absorption Reduction by Second Order Cone Programming in Computerized Tomography Imaging
Aydin Bicer and Zafer Unver
737-039 Registration of 3D Medical Images using Parallel Affine Transform
Pulak Mondal, Pradyut K. Biswal, and Swapna Banerjee
737-023 Multi-Parametric MR Image Processing using Higher Dimensional Vector Algebra
Dawit Assefa, Harry Keller, and David A. Jaffray
737-048 A Computer Vision Approach to Quantification of Corneal Neovascularization
Nesreen Otoum and Eran A. Edirisinghe
737-022 A Novel Nonlinear Predictability based Entropy Method for Evaluation of Noisy Signals
Benjamin Griffel, Mohammad K. Zia, Vladimir Fridman, Cesare Saponieri, and John L. Semmlow
Track Signal Processing FreeSubscription
737-010 Low Bit Rate Speech Waveform Coding using Wavelet Transform and Line Spectral Frequencies
Sung-won Park
737-011 On Face Detection and Performance Evaluation for Biometrics-based Face Systems
Mahmoud Hassaballah, Kenji Murakami, and Shun Ido
737-040 DSC-SRI Algorithms for Motion Blind Detection of Objects in an Ultrasound System
Rakesh Biswas, Kishor Sarawadekar, and Swapna Banerjee
737-021 White Blood Cell Segmentation and Reversible Watermarking
Feminna Sheeba, Robinson Thamburaj, Joy J. Mammen, Hannah M. Thomas Thevarthundiyil, and Atulya K. Nagar
737-047 Detection of Apnoea in Newborn Infants using Impedance Respiratory Wave Data
John Mikael Eklund, Christina Catley, Carolyn McGregor, and Andrew James
737-046 Strength and Topography of Synchronization of EEG Dynamics during Sleep in Patients with Epilepsy
Balu Krishnan, Gatha Nair, Aaron Faith, Austin Roth, Efstathios Kondylis, Korwyn Williams, Lisa Tapsell, Joseph Sirven, and Leonidas Iasemidis
737-045 Supervised Classification of Large Database of Heart Sound Records based on Noise Content
Mohammad K. Zia, Benjamin Griffel, and John L. Semmlow
Track Advanced Applications FreeSubscription
737-035 Application of Stepwise Binary Decision Classification for Reduction of False Positives in Tuberculosis Detection from Smeared Slides
Corina Pangilinan, Ajay Divekar, Gerrit Coetzee, Dave A. Clark, Bernard Fourie, Fleming Y.M. Lure, and Sean Kennedy
737-018 Runoff Quantity Prediction of Potomac River based on Neural Networks Method
Nian Zhang and Shuhua Lai
737-026 Design of Integrated Blind Navigation System
Yuanyao Lu and Yuzhu Bai
737-038 Wireless Protocols for Ad-Hoc Medical Sensor Networks
Cecilia H. Vallejos de Schatz, Henry P. Medeiros, Fabio K. Schneider, and Paulo J. Abatti
737-025 Lack of Resetting of Brain Dynamics Following Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures
Aaron Faith, Balu Krishnan, Austin Roth, Efstathios Kondylis, Korwyn Williams, Joseph Sirven, and Leonidas Iasemidis
737-014 Multichannel Robotic System for Surgical Procedures
Tarun K. Podder, Ivan Buzurovic, Ke Huang, and Yan Yu
737-024 Towards a GPU-based Accelerated Surgery Simulation System
Rui Hu, Kenneth Barner, and Karl Steiner
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