A Need of Technology-Assisted Physical Activity in Young Indigenous Children's Health and Physical Education

Gretchen H. Geng and Leigh P. Disney


Health and physical education, Indigenous children, Technologyassisted physical education


This paper examines the issues of health and physical education among Indigenous young children in remote communities in Australia and the need for the implementation of technology-assisted physical activity. It was found that although these children were assumed to be very fit, they have higher rates of diseases than non-Indigenous young children, such as Type 2 diabetes. Technology assisted physical activity (Exergame) has been examined in relation to the Indigenous young children’s health and physical education in remote communities. It was also found that there is a need to implement the technology-assisted physical activities into Indigenous young children’s health and physical education classroom. Physical and health educators including general teachers and/or PE specialists in remote communities may find the investigation useful in promoting health and physical education through the use of technology-assisted physical activities among Indigenous children in remote communities.

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