Technology for Education and Learning    (TEL 2011)

October 24 – 25, 2011
Beijing, China
Editor(s): R. Huang
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Track Educational Technology FreeSubscription
750-009 A Need of Technology-Assisted Physical Activity in Young Indigenous Children's Health and Physical Education
Gretchen H. Geng and Leigh P. Disney
750-022 On Teaching Belief and Behavior of Information Technology Teacher and their Relationship
Wei Li
750-060 Research on the Influence of Handheld Graphing Calculating Technology on Learners’ Mathematical Thinking Development
Jun Liu
750-018 Robotics in Education: A Mobile Robot System for Understanding Ultrasonic Sensors
Yeon-Gyun Kim, Hahmin Jung, Sung Hyun Han, and Dong Hun Kim
750-019 Remote Robot Control Learning Powered by Bluetooth Communication System
Hahmin Jung, Yeon-Gyun Kim, Dong Hun Kim, and Hua Wang
750-062 Design for Articulating and Sharing Rationales in Virtual Group Learning Activities
Lu Xiao
Track Blended Education and Training FreeSubscription
750-055 A Case Study on Hand-Held Devices to Improve Instructional Quality in Blended Learning Context
Ronghuai Huang and Lanqin Zheng
750-054 University Students' Attitudes Toward Online Learning in a Blended Learning Environment
Yue Zhu, Wing Au, and Greg Yates
750-027 A Transtheoretical Model for Blended Learning Leads to New Types of Learning Environments
Jay Shiro Tashiro, Hung Hung, and Miguel Vargas-Martin
Track Advanced Technology in Education and Learning FreeSubscription
750-047 Design of an Online Digital Filtering Laboratory
Ulrich Borgolte and Clemens Zang
750-017 Advanced Education in Digital Signal Processing
Pavel Zahradnik, Boris Šimák, Jiří Vodrážka, and Miroslav Vlček
750-049 Transferring a University E-Learning Concept to an SME Context
Kari Liukkunen, Jouni Markkula, and Markku Oivo
750-025 Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) among Malaysian Visual Art Education Pre-Service Teacher
Mohd Khairezan Rahmat and Wing K. Au
750-037 Quality of Social Tags in the Context of Science Centers and Museums
Denis Kozlov, Jan Pawlowski, and Sofoklis Sotiriou
750-041 Classroom Presentation & Interactive System: Usability and Effectiveness
Jinbao Zhang
Track Curriculum and Instruction, E-Learning, Knowledge Science and Management FreeSubscription
750-045 Optimising Knowledge Management for Student Support
Yuguang Zhang and Paul Kawachi
750-024 The Application of Task Analysis Methods in Developing Vocational Curricula
Jiong Guo and Yidan Xue
750-038 Role of Information Technology in Crop Productivity (Case Study: Wheat Farmers Ahwaz Township, Iran
Ahmad Reza Ommani
750-044 Arithmetic Word Problem Knowledge Acquisition and Representation for Automated Problem Solving
Yuhui Ma, Xiaojing Shang, and Kai Tan
750-028 Follow Up Survey of Computing Curriculum Standard J07: Requirement Level Analysis of Industry
Tetsuro Kakeshita and Mika Ohtsuki
750-013 Generation @ and Digital Media Education
Josie Arnold
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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