On Teaching Belief and Behavior of Information Technology Teacher and their Relationship

Wei Li


Education of information technology, information technology teacher, teaching belief


The study is carried out by a questionnaire surveying 110 Information Technology teachers from some elementary and secondary schools in Wenzhou in order to explore the relationship between teaching belief and teaching behavior and find the impact of teaching belief on teaching behavior. It shows that both teaching belief and teaching behavior of Information Technology teachers involved in this survey tending to be progressive, and have a little difference because of some difference on the aspects of the age, the location of the school and whether attending the new curriculum training. But their teaching belief is more progress-oriented than teaching behavior of them to significant level. There are four parts among Information Technology belief that are information technology learning, essence of information technology curriculum, information technology teaching and teaching evaluation. Except that information technology learning shows negative correlation to teaching behavior of Information Technology teachers´╝îthe others appear low or mediate positive correlation and are apparently different. The teaching belief has the effect of the definite forecast on the teaching behavior, and the tropism intensity of the teaching behavior has the difference because of the different teaching beliefs.

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