A Transtheoretical Model for Blended Learning Leads to New Types of Learning Environments

Jay Shiro Tashiro, Hung Hung, and Miguel Vargas-Martin


blended learning, online learning, evidence-based learning, theory of blended learning, educational simulations


Reviews of literature on blended learning reveal a general lack of theoretical coherence in the evolving instructional methods and materials as well as in the delivery modalities of courses designed as blended learning environments. In this paper, we review some of the foundations for developing a theoretical framework for studying blended learning environments. Secondly, we examine a Transtheoretical Model for Blended Learning that is substantially derived from ecosystem theory. Finally, we describe a combined research-teaching-learning-assessment environment created by a suite of software and authoring tools that can be nested within learning management systems in order to drive evidence-based practices in blended learning. This paper presents a mode for theory grounded and evidence-based educational frameworks for blended learning.

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