Classroom Presentation & Interactive System: Usability and Effectiveness

Jinbao Zhang


Classroom interactive software, PowerPoint, Interactive Classroom, Classroom Presenter


PowerPoint presentations for classroom teaching, has become routine in the university teaching activities. However, there are many problems in the presentation of the application in classroom, for which researchers are developing a number of solutions. Compared to hardware solution, PowerPoint-based classroom interactive software has more advantages, and has strong promotional value. The key factor for success of software products is really to provide users with a satisfactory service, enabling users to adopt a strong will, and get a good use of effects. To this end, the present research has chosen two certain classroom interactive software (Microsoft Interactive Classroom and UW Classroom Presenter), through two pilot programs to field experience and comparative experiments, questionnaires and interviews the primary means of user willingness to adopt these products and the effect of satisfaction. The results show that teachers and students after the first exposure of such software have shown a high adoption intention. They have higher satisfaction for the basic functions of the software and good reaction. In the end, the paper also discusses the software problems and the lack of research.

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