Discomfort-Inducing Warning System by Auditory Stimulation

Xin Liang, Takahiro Yoshimura, Hideo Kato, Soichiro Koshi, Shizuichi Higuchi, and Kazuya Okawa


virtual reality, skill training, training system


Providing suitable stress during training in a virtual environment enhances the effectiveness of the training. This research proposes an effective system that uses a warning sound to induce discomfort. First, several kinds of warning sounds were generated using a PC. Uncomfortable sounds and a normal sound were selected by subjective evaluation methods. The training effect by the warning sounds was examined through a curve tracing task with a graphics tablet and PC monitor. The average operation time is shorter when trained with an uncomfortable warning sound than training with a normal sound although the number of failed operations is greater during training with an uncomfortable sound because of a 'rebound' effect. In conclusion, use an uncomfortable sound for warning when the goal is to reduce operation time and use a normal sound to reduce the number of failures.

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