Technology for Education / 758: Software Engineering and Applications    (TE 2011)

December 14 – 16, 2011
Dallas, USA
Editor(s): J. Matuga, R. Hewett
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Track Technology Systems That Support Learning FreeSubscription
754-035 Context-Aware Support for Language Learning using Ubiquitous Learning Logs
Hiroaki Ogata, MengMeng Li, Bin Hou, and Noriko Uosaki
754-041 A Context-based Emotion-Analyzer for Teaching Tonality in Music Courses
Aya Ichinose, Shuichi Kurabayashi, and Yasushi Kiyoki
754-019 Multimedia Data Management-Sharing System to Enhance Students' Fieldwork Activities Related to Development Studies
Yosuke Tsuchiya
754-023 Discomfort-Inducing Warning System by Auditory Stimulation
Xin Liang, Takahiro Yoshimura, Hideo Kato, Soichiro Koshi, Shizuichi Higuchi, and Kazuya Okawa
754-030 MIST/C: Open Source Software for Hybrid Classroom and Online Teaching
John M. Pullen, Nicholas K. Clark, and Priscilla M. McAndrews
754-025 Universal Platform for Individualized Continuous Patient Education (iCOPE)
Joseph Finkelstein and Jeffrey Wood
754-018 Meaningful Learning through E-learning
Carmina V. Tolentino
Track Electronic Collaboration for Learning and Assessment FreeSubscription
754-013 Upgrading the Training of Undergraduate Students by Addressing Market Demands
Cicero F.F. Costa Filho, Orlewilson B. Maia, Marly G. F. Costa, Vicente F. L. Júnior, Ricardo E. V. S. Rosa, Adriano M. Gil, Paulo R. B. Mendonça, and Ozeney S. Silva
754-015 Technology Enabled Assessment Environment
Rohit P. Kondekar, Pravin N. Kondekar, Deepak B. Phatak, Avinash Awate, Mayank Singh, Alefiya Lightwalla, and Abhinav Kumar
754-049 An Interactive Installation for Children to Support Learning Through Game
Daniele Ardu, Massimo Deriu, Gavino Paddeu, and Selene Uras
754-045 Learning Management System and Guided Discovery: Innovative Tools to Teaching Computer-Application to Business Students
Zeenath R. Khan
754-034 The Social and Team-Related Aspects in Investigating the Meetings-Flow Approach: a Preliminary Study
Chung-Yang Chen, Keng-Hui Chao, and Ya-Chun Hung
754-020 Faculty Development Challenges and Strategies for Embracing E-Portfolios in Higher Education: A Literature Review
Michele A. Houston and Lin Lin
Track Innovative Technology-Based Education FreeSubscription
754-046 The Mediation Effect of In-Game Performance between Prior Knowledge and Post-Test Score
Deirdre Kerr and Gregory K. W. K. Chung
754-001 Intelligent System for Knowledge Estimation on the Base of Mixed Diagnostic Tests and Elements of Fuzzy Logic
Anna E. Yankovskaya and Mikhail E. Semenov
754-007 Intelligent Analytics for Business Education
Waqar Haque and Erin M. Lutzer
754-014 Interactive and Intelligent Music Layering System (IIMLS) for Music Genre Education
Peng Song, Poh Kuan Soh, Hang Yu, and Corey M. Manders
754-024 Technology-Embedded Project-based Learning in the Classroom: The Capstone Project Experience in Taiwan
Yu-Ping Hsu
754-031 Websites that Develop Access to Mathematics Teaching Bring Mathematics to Real Life
Said Taan EL Hajjar
Track Quality Assurance and Maintenance FreeSubscription
758-069 Verifying Embedded Systems using Component-based Runtime Observers
Wei Guan, Nicolae Marian, and Christo Angelov
758-034 Automatic Correction of Programming Faults using Semantic Networks
Hager A. Hussein, Khaled M. Mahar, Mahmoud F. Hussein, and Osama M. Badawy
758-016 Prioritized Black Box Testing using Genetic Software Engineering Methods
Riham Hassan, Hicham G. Elmongui, and Yasmine Ibrahim
758-029 FormalTCGenerator: A Tool of Automatically Generating Test Cases for Infinite States Reactive Systems
Donghuo Chen and Shizhong Zhao
758-028 An Empirical Study on Test Driven Development Process for Android Applications
Juncheng Chen, Yunzhi Xue, and Zhao Chen
758-058 Defect Estimation using Capture-Recapture in IBM Jazz
Kevin Gary and John Doran
758-063 Finding Duplicate Code in Java using Beacons and Idioms
Esteban J. Morales and Michael Hoffman
Track Modelling, Languages, and Simulations FreeSubscription
758-006 A Probabilstic Mathematical Model to Measure Software Regularity
Arbi Ghazarian
758-039 A Simulation Query Language for Defining and Analyzing Uncertain Data
Susan M. Farley, Alexander Brodsky, and Chun-Hung Chen
758-035 NFPA: A New Model for Estimating Response-Times of Software Transactions
Ravi Prakash Gorthi, Vikas Bajpai, and Saurav Anand
758-056 Applied Ontology for Requirements Engineering: An Approach to Semantic Integration of Requirements Model with System Model
Masood S. Mir, Nitin Agarwal, and Kamran Iqbal
758-046 Engineering domain-specific languages and automatic code generation for computational simulations of complex systems
Ken A. Hawick
Track Design, Architectures, and Frameworks FreeSubscription
758-037 Empirical Analysis of Object-Oriented Coupling and Cohesion Measures in Determining the Quality of Open Source Systems
Normi Sham Awang Abu Bakar
758-076 Service Oriented Organizational Interoperability Architectural Framework
Fantahun A. Zikie, Awel S. Dico, and Dida M. Debela
758-021 Design Changes to the COPAR Service using Opnet Modeler
Rhea L. Seegobin, Michael A. Hosein, Joel M. Crichlow, and Stephen J. Hartley
758-060 Towards Higher Changeability for Airplane Cabin Software
Stefan Burger, Oliver Hummel, Emanuel Heidinger, Stefan Schneele, Wolfgang Fischer, and Matthias Heinisch
758-053 An Interoperability Architectural Model based On Complex System Theory for the Ultra-Large-Scale Systems
Shervin Ostadzadeh, Babak Rezaei Rad, and Fereidoon Shams
758-074 SAMCA: Service-based Architectural Model for Collaborative Applications
Mario Anzures-Garcia, Luz A. Sánchez-Gálvez, Miguel J. Hornos, and Patricia Paderewski
Track Applications, Tools, and Data Analysis FreeSubscription
758-013 A Virtual Collaborative Workspace for Distributed Teaching, Learning, and Team Work
Michael Z. Jiang, Ruxi Lu, Xianzhi Chen, Xiaoying Cai, Dinghua Zhao, and Xiang Li
758-083 Developing an Operational Framework for the Design of Children’s Software
Michael A. Hosein and Rhea L. Seegobin
758-082 Faceted Search of Structured Text Dataset with Narrative Fields
Lisham L. Singh, Srini Ramaswamy, and Mariofanna Milanova
758-024 Facilitating and Expediting the Development of Systems that Handle Uncertainty through PRoModel
Rosa A. López-Landa, Marcos A. Bernal, and Julieta Noguez
758-038 Source Code Analytics
Oleksandr Panchenko, Hasso Plattner, and Alexander Zeier
Track Requirements and Project Management FreeSubscription
758-062 Improving Risk Management with Modeling Time Element
Peng Zhou and Hareton K.N. Leung
758-052 Release Planning Issues and Dependencies Problems in Market-Driven Requirements Engineering
Bassey E. Isong and Obeten O. Ekabua
758-077 IGETA – Identification and Generation of Early Test Artifacts from Natural Language Requirements
Anurag Dwarakanath, Shubhashis Sengupta, and Roshni R. Ramnani
758-048 A Hybrid Method for Scenario-based Effort Re-Allocation in Software Projects
Emadoddin Livani, Łukasz Radliński, Elham Paikari, and Günther Ruhe
758-079 Requirement Analysis in Agile Software Development of Distributed Systems
Mohammad Moshirpour, Farid Shirkavand, Armin Eberlein, and Behrouz H. Far
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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