Technology Enabled Assessment Environment

Rohit P. Kondekar, Pravin N. Kondekar, Deepak B. Phatak, Avinash Awate, Mayank Singh, Alefiya Lightwalla, and Abhinav Kumar


Simulated Optical Mark Recognition, Technology enabled assessment environment, examination, universal unique identifier, question data file


With the advent of the information age and the ever increasing cut throat competition, more and more number of examinees take examinations (exams) every year. Most of the objective exams comprise of manual filling of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), which requires higher investment in terms of software as well as hardware and may not be available with every institute; furthermore; evaluation also takes a significant amount of time. Although online-exams provide students with quicker results and enhanced convenience, but the hardware cost and availability does not make it the best solution. In this paper, we aim at productive use of devices & technology for quick and facile assessment of answer sheets, and also reduce the hardware and software cost while retaining the functionality. In today’s world mobile phones (cell phones) are most portable, affordable and commonly available devices. This project facilitates students to give objective exam (Quizzes) in the traditional environment where the hard copy of question paper is distributed, but with an important change i.e. Simulated OMR (SOMR)sheets on their mobile phones for filling out the answers. Instantaneous evaluation is done with the help of Bluetooth technology. Moreover, its portability reduces preliminary preparations and hardware support. The inexpensiveness, low energy consumption and automated behaviour of Bluetooth technology make it an ideal transmission medium. We strongly feel that, with proper security measures, this project will provide us a cost effective solution for conduction of objective exams.

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