An Interactive Installation for Children to Support Learning Through Game

Daniele Ardu, Massimo Deriu, Gavino Paddeu, and Selene Uras


human computer interaction, interaction design, group interaction


This paper presents some preliminary results of a field research we have been conducting on our latest interactive installation: DADODICE. It has been developed with the aim to combine both learning (detailed explanations concerning the different renewable energies investigated and used in our region) and amusing contents, utilizing as much as possible invisible technological solutions. It is placed in an exhibition concerning renewable energy fonts in an amusement park, where typical visitors consist of pupils. We have been investigating the reaction of visitors interacting with DADODICE, their leasure/displeasure, their memories/omissions and their way of disposing around the table of the installation. We utilized a field research approach: participant observation following all the exhibition with visitors, semi structured interviews administered to visitors as soon as they finished the visit, informal speeches with park guides and self reports made at schools by some high school students who previously visited the exhibition and were interviewed by us. This paper is organized as follows: firstly we briefly introduce our interactive installation and how it works, secondly we describe exhibition visitors, then we discuss about the field research we have been conducting and finally we draw our conclusions.

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